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Some Even Say by StickFreeks

honestly this is one of the greatest pictures you've ever drawn.
The detail is amazing and...
there's just so much packed into that sentence. Some even say he's alive.... god that is just great inspiration that's allot to work with. Man, you have really progressed over the years! this picture totally captures the whole idea of Fairy Foxes. Kai is indeed my favorite character because of the whole 'mysterious dude' thing he's got going on. Like, the traitor thing... thats sonme good stuff.
you are a good person
good artist
Fairy foxes is one of the things that inspired me to draw. When i first saw the episodes, i even made up a fan character. She was a green fairy fox with blue wings. And i still pretty much love her. She was my first, and favorite, oc.

You took a big part in my life.

The Artist thought this was FAIR
11 out of 11 deviants thought this was fair.


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